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You Can Make It, But Can You Keep It? discusses the paradigm shift that is necessary for the wealthiest Americans and their advisors regarding asset management and protection. Conventional investment houses treat wealth management as portfolio allocation in stocks and bonds, but this historical approach is far too narrow for the sophisticated wealth holder, who should instead emphasize strategies for retaining what he already has.


Instead of working solely on growing your business or your assets, the Contrarian Wealth Protection and Risk Management Philosophy asks you to consider your overall situation, developing strategies to address the worst-case scenarios so that your business partners, ex-spouses, children’s spouses, the government, and creditors cannot strip you of your hard-earned assets. It is this contrarian approach to risk management, and the philosophy that runs through its genes, that a wealth holder should adopt if he aims to keep his wealth.

R. Wesley Sierk, a trusted financial planner with an expertise in asset protection and president of Risk Management Advisors, Inc., provides readers with an approach to wealth management that is from a vantage point of risks, looking at the entire financial picture to determine how we can protect assets by managing these risks. 

You Can Make It But Can You Keep It? answers the following questions:

  • What is asset protection?
  • Who needs asset protection?
  • What is fraudulent conveyance?
  • The building blocks of asset protection and risk management for the following areas of interest:
    • The Business Entity
      • Unfavorable vs. favorable business structures
      • Tax & Non-Tax considerations of business structures
    • Basic Trusts
      • Favorable vs. Unfavorable
    • Foreign Asset Protection Trusts
    • Insurance
    • Divorce Protection: Pre-Nups and Post Nups
    • Exempt Assets
    • Equity Separation
    • Strategies for putting it all together
  • What are the tax implications of asset protection?
  • Estate Planning as it relates to asset protection
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